Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Things

Some days my energy level is incredible low. Usually it is stable. But today is one of those days. Having a strange feeling of standing in a landscape, a lookout point on a hill, watching my joy for photography, writing and so on seeming placed at other hills far away, I decided on some simple goals.

Today I decided to find a new notebook. Slightly bigger then the others I have purchased. This one to turn into a diary :) A personalized one. And then, second, to enjoy a cup of tea. A new type. My last wish, to see a movie, which I had decided to spend this week doing. Watching several of the classics.

I hope to get a start on this one today. Making the cover with origami paper;)

What do you do when you feel burned out?


  1. I eat a slice of cheese or have a cap of tea with something sweat.

  2. Sounds good :) That's what I like to do.