Friday, March 25, 2016

Transitional Makeup Now

I've been using a lot of colours in my makeup this winter. And I will use more in summer. For spring I feel like toning the colour use a little down and focus more on my base makeup! I'm pretty happy with these base products until I find some new sometime this spring. These look a little matte and glowy with a nice coverage. To me the darkest lip color look a little wintery but also reminds me of flowers. It is darker then in photos here because I've added a little pastel pink lipstick too. This especially looks like a transitional color from winter to spring and summer to autumn I think. And is one of those nice go to colours versatile with any makeup and mood!

I've thrown in some other makeup too that I think will look nice this time of year :) 
Like the peach lipstick which was one of my top favourites last year from Revlon. Bourjois Java Rice powder should always be in any makeup collection :) It looks so nice and subtle with all makeup!

How does your transitional makeup look like? :) Have any makeup product tips?

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