Friday, March 18, 2016

The Day Before Holiday

Friday. Easter holiday came so soon. I started making my plans just a couple days ago. :) They consist of training, relaxing and reading! Hopefully I get to meet a couple friends too. If I have more energy I will visit museums. And maybe go to cinema. Today I went for a little walk and bought some candy, wine and food. Then I have been reading in my newest book purchase. I read in every holiday. It has been a tradition since I was maybe ten years old. Reading a lot for periods make me relax a lot! I looked many places for this book. Gone with the Wind and found it finally in City center at one of the larger book shops. It's a classic so they should have it more places :) I have loved reading it so far. 

Then I have a little goal taking photos outdoors at least one day. This easter I have not found any crime books to read. Instead I focus on novels with the one mentioned being my top pick. For some reason the last day before a holiday is maybe the most laziest one. And a day for reflection and relaxing doing a little bit of everything that is not too tiering. I reflect on the rest of my holiday and how to make my plans become better and perfected. 

Also I seem to seek some more inspiration for something the first day before a holiday. I've mentioned reading as one of the main activities but I'll definitely be looking for some good movie options. I think mainly classics that I have not seen! I want to learn something interesting and thoughtful from older movie styles. The oldest movie I've seen is called Nosferatu and is from 1922.

I thought my main goal would be no matter what I do, relaxation but I realise as I'm writing that I should focus on inspiration just as much! My tired mind need it.

Luckily this day for me does not mean stress and hurry. I'm staying where I am all holiday. Vacation with travel can come another time :) I do like traveling outside the holiday seasons. And think I'll do that as well this year! 

What movies would you recommend? :)
And what do you read?

I wish all my readers a nice holiday!


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