Friday, May 29, 2015

Three Colorful Treats

I like the poppy colors we see when spring and summer comes. Some of those I will wear all year round. In London I picked up quite a lot of beauty products. Two of them in this post and one new I bought back home. 

These have a wonderful texture and finish. The Essie nail polish looks good with one application but I prefer two. The Stila blush and lip color is an interesting color. It comes in a beautiful design with mirror. Really easy to fit any makeup kit or purse. When I saw this Revlon lipstick I was first drawn to it's design. I have never owned any products from this beauty brand. I'm really glad I picked this one. It is possibly the most beautiful lipstick shade I own. And also the most comfortable.

Essie nail polish shade Hubby for Dessert

Stila Convertable Color ( Lip/Cheek)  Petunia

Revlon Juicy Papaya lipstick

Have you tried these products? :)

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