Monday, February 1, 2016

New Month. New Read

I've found myself a little book to read and began yesterday. This one is a handy size and easy to read. The flow is very good and writing simple. And I think, persons few.  This book caught my eye in the book store with it's nice comfortable design and big book title. It is called Stockholm. And is written by Trine Vollan. It is in Norwegian so this post I guess are for these readers :)

I was drawn to the light atmosphere and day to day descriptions. There's a some kind of rush in this story. On the cover of the book its said that it's a book about everyday life, artistic mind, great role models and the search for identity.

The feeling I get from reading this book is good :) It has a good vibe so far. The texts shows constantly thoughts that the main character is concerned about and things she says. It somehow reminds me of being on a carousel in slow, comfy speed. A nice everyday read.
And then I must say the design is so lovely! The book got 203 pages so I think this could be a nice gift for someone who don't read all the time. And look for something not too heavy :) I forgot to mention that it's a novel. The main character is a mother of two children and wife living in Stockholm. The story beings when mum and children are on they're way home in rough winter weather and she must do different chores. The baby is taken to the doctor and the problem is that it does not see enough of the world she's told. I have read 35 pages so far. Tomorrow I'll read some more. :) I'm curious to see how relationships develope in the story and if she takes big steps in new directions.

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