Monday, July 27, 2015

Flower Fields and Pink Flowers

I went for a walk to the sea. This time a year there are so many flowers. I love the sight of endless white ones which seem to cover all grass some places. I spotted some pink flowers outside a garden. They look adorable. I like the subtle pink and white. None of these are strong colors but they light up . Especially the flower fields! :) I went to some shops today but my walk here was definitely the best part. Now later, I will finish my flower and leaf drawing and start on a new. I look forward to walk more and longer walks in this area and the area around. I'm so glad I brought my camera :) And I will definitely bring it more often on my walks. 

Not only beautiful flowers. Some of the trees look like the leafs have silver in them. On the two first photos you see several of them where they look more green. Close up, more silver :)

Do you like this landscape? :)

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  1. This looks like a gorgeous walk! I love posts like this, they are real portrayals of places people see everyday. It's nice to see people appreciating their surroundings :)