Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Beauty Must Haves

There are some beauty products I look for each summer to make me feel more awake and comfortable. Some products I think every girl would like to have in her beauty collection. I selected these since they are versatile and handy to pop in a bag. My first pick is a peach powder blush. This color look good on light and tanned skin. It warms up complexion giving a healthy visible glow and pop of color. Mac Spellbinder is my top favourite peach blush. It is extra soft with a nice pigmentation and easy build able. 

When it comes to soft colors with good pigmentation I also like lipliners with a slightly creamy formula. These don't dry the lips so easy. They are a nice basic tool and can be worn on its own. I would recommend something with color on the lips during summer! A top brightening pick for eyes is a nude eyeliner. There are so many delicate nuances so make sure you find the perfect one for you. Nude eyeliners can look beautiful with a pale skin complexion. I'm always quite pale and have found a must have nude eyeliner from Kicks. It is creamy and balanced warm and cold looking like one color. And not to intense. If you want a full face makeup look or just a little this is a beautiful product!

I think I have found the perfect facial cream for summer. One that gives that extra portion of moist and comfort! And is suitable for every skin type. I picked up Soap & Glory Speed Plump facial cream last year and my skin always loves this product. It is perfect to put on before makeup and during the day. And smells refreshing.

Toni & Guy has one of the few summery hair sprays I've felt tempted trying. This one is comfortable on and gives a nice textured hold. It's a sea salt hair spray and one of my personal favourite hair care product in general. It is both subtle and intense which I struggle finding both of in a hair spray. That's why I like it. And it can be combined with other hair sprays. The scent it mild. And the hair spray last for a long time. So a travel size is pretty perfect!

A non cosmetic beauty must have is a simple delicate bracelet. Having something sparkly that rests on the arm looks beautiful and can be easily styled. I prefer something with details but not too much  in a bracelet. I'm in love with this one from Bud to Rose. A soft sparkly gold coloured bracelet with tiny white see through stones on. I could wear it daily!

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