Monday, May 30, 2016

May Favourite Things

This month seems to have gone by pretty fast. I've enjoyed May. The summery weather outside, green fields, books, music and so on. It's been a calming month to me. One where I've found more time to plan months ahead with new inspiration. I hope the summer too will feel uplifting like this. I now desire inspiration for writing, exercising, photography and time focusing on art. Some of my favourite things in May have been:

Television Show: Sherlock

Movies: Kung Fu Killer

Book: The Trial by Franz Kafka 

Magazine: Psychology Today

Exercise: Yoga

Food: Cupcakes and ice cream

Blogs: Beauty blogs

Walks: In nature

Art making: Drawing

Writing: Letters

Makeup: Mac cosmetics and The Balm

What have you enjoyed in May? 

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