Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eyeshadow Palette. The Perfect Ten

 This beautiful palette went with me home today. Inside are then different shimmery colors mainly in browns. It's from a brand called Soap & Glory which I find quite interesting :) Overseas I found that stores had more from this brand so I hoped more makeup would be in ours soon. It's a beautifully designed piece with creamy texture shadows following with a brush and mirror. One thing I liked immediately were the color options. Some palettes have many similar shades that look just like the other. But the same effect can easily be made with this :) I've tried two quite lovely colors. The softest in the palette and they look gorgeous.  High end brands in my opinion struggle a little with eyeshadow texture and pigmentation but this does't disappoint now. I think my favourites will be Moon Mist, Minky (both to the left), Copper and Damsel. Purple to me is a little tricky to like and get right. I used to love it. For such a long time I've worn only one color or two on my eyes. It will be fun experimenting with more. Today I'm also wearing a Christmas eyeshadow from Dior in cream gold which I love. :)

What eyeshadows palettes do you like? :) 
 Would you try this palette?

Soap & Glory The Perfect Ten 
Eyeshadow palette

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