Thursday, December 17, 2015


I did not go on any long trip like yesterday to and by a beautiful lake. I woke up too fatigued. But I managed to go a small walk buying food. I got up early and started putting some clothes into my closet and put towels for drying that I forgot to do the evening before. Today I've written a nice continuing part on my long story/book. It's been fun writing! Maybe that has been the best part of the day. It's not five yet, feeling like seven. 

I've just taken some photos for upcoming blogposts. Or one. I did not like the others I took. I have been thinking about what to pack for my holiday and how much. On the makeup and beauty side I have some definite picks and favourites :) I've written two blogposts today that I've published. One about peaceful reflection at a personal level. The other is about a perfume I've just purchased :) And I absolutely love that. 

Yesterday two old ladies were waiting outside in the freezing cold for 45 minutes on the bus and the mall is just 5 meters away :) Guess where I went. That's when I found this beautiful perfume :) I was looking for the green bottle version. I think it has the same name. Anyway I did not hesitate picking this up :) As it was just so gorgeous!

It has been totally grey outside with some new snow. Which made my makeup look ghostlike at first.
Luckily it was a little bit warmer outside today I think, wearing all wool anyway :) 

I just bought a computer game and will check it out. I have not played one for several years. Actually I can not remember the last time I did!

Then later I will write more on my story :) And do a little cleaning and reading. Now I'm focusing on a book by Agatha Christie called The Labours of Hercules. It is quite alright. But I was a little disappointed about the movie being based on one of the shorter stories there thinking the book would be all about and like the movie ( newest and maybe only? version). :)

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