Monday, December 21, 2015

Products I Would Not be Without

One of my favorite products is this spray with gold sparkle. I can't remember noticing such a product. But I absolutely love this :) I wrote about it in a post recently. It is such a nice complementary piece in a makeup collection. And one that will last for long. One thing I like about beauty products is nice packaging. And these products here I find quite nice. More then before I've focused more on base products and finding fragrances I like. It's been quite easy and I would not skip these products. Though I don't always turn to the sparkle stuff for everyday makeup. It is subtle though with a spot on pigmentation. Some products I just don't know how to describe. They are all kinds of gorgeous! :) Makeup brushes are a basic tool I need everyday. Especially for base product like foundation and bb cream. This little brush above is the best I own for eyeshadows and sometimes it works nice to even out concealer under the eyes and it is great for both cream shadows and dry ones. Another thing I like about good brushes is that product don't get stuck for next application. Real Techniques brushes have impressed me and I can't wait to own more then the three in the set I have. The brush for rouges is maybe also one of the best I've tried. Next to my favorite rouge and highlight brush from Gosh :)

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