Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Stuff

I expected the weather to be warmer at the place I'm for Christmas. But it's actually been quite cold. Arriving yesterday evening I went out for two walks today and went to shops I've visited. So guess what I picked? :) A couple new beauty products. And yesterday I found two gems at the airport from the beauty section. A facial mask I've seen and a new Mac lipstick. Clinique has been a brand I've never been curious to try much of. But I immediately went for a cream eyeshadow when I saw this one.  It looks like the most versatile shade and I love those ones :) I did not think about bringing my camera with me but the weather was cloudy anyway. So instead I took some photos inside.

Some of my favorite products at the moment. 

I began my day with reading. Where I'm staying there are so many books. It was an old classic in two parts with quite a lot of pages but that's okay. So far I quite like it. Later I read in Anna Karenina and it is always fun to read in this. :) Maybe it is the atmosphere and simplicity. 

The book store did not have anything interesting but I have lots to read. Nor did I find any drawing stuff there, but it's okay :) I made some drawings earlier in the day. I usually focus on drawing with  colouring pencils, using few colors, sometimes just one :) And I often seem to draw the same shapes.

I've had a little chat with one of my friends on the phone helping me with a favour. And then I've played a computer game I just recently downloaded. As I said earlier, I have not tried one in years! :) It is quite a lot of fun. I got the idea from one of my friends. She plays one similar when she have time.

So about the new products I'll write a blog post soon showing them. I find the facial mask and new lipstick interesting picks.  :) The Mac shade is called Hue and remind me of one of my favourites, Pure Zen. This is more orange and have no hints of other colors, but kind of a undertone there with gold which look lovely.

Now I've just eaten my last meal and think I will turn to the computer game or one of the novels.

What have you done this Monday? 

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