Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dusty Rose Makeup

Dusty rose colours look so gorgeous, nostalgic and enigmatic. Vibrant colours with a nuance of white, brown, grey in them look super pretty as long as they look natural someway. A matte, soft dusty pink is my favourite colour for blush. I love mixing cream blushes or blush powders on my cheeks. When I wear pink on lips and eyes I prefer the similar dusty nuances but slightly warmer or shinier.

Makeup I've been loving the last year of pink colours below! There's something surprising poppy with some of these colours and surprisingly pretty with others in their dark dusty nuance. My top favourite of these is the Smashbox Prism Lights highlight blush. This is so intense pretty and calming to look at. It does not look natural but still very gorgeous! In the other end is my The Body Shop blush which I also wore a lot daily for a while. The latter is more rose coloured and the first more candy like. Both pretty for everyday wear.

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