Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September Beauty Favourites

Finally I've fallen in love with skin care products again. These bits are super good and my September favourites :) I love it when skin care products give a healing feeling + rejuvenates my skin. My favourties  are from a Scandinavian brand Tromborg. I first discoverd it at an airport and picked up this facial mask. The Multi Vitamin Facial Mask. It smells very calming and uplifting. It gives my skin an immediate glow and makes it feel smoother. My second Tromborg favourite is a lavender face and body mist.  I love using this daily. The benefits of the products make my makeup look good. The lavender scent from the mist is really refreshing and tones my skin nicely. What first made me curious about the brand were the calming and beautiful design of each product. I always go to the section at the Kicks stores and admire them. :)

I have some makeup favourites too from September like the Isadora Build Up mascara 01 Super Black. The mascara is an eye catching pick. I love the intense black colour, the heavy lash look and the volume it gives. Besides it does not smudge. It does a good job at opening up my eyes. 

Another product that opens up eyes is the eyeliner from Kicks. It is super brightening and looks kinda creamy. The staying power is good. And this is one of those products like the others here that makes me comfortable wearing little makeup! By the way the skin care products are nice for all skin types. :)

Tromborg Multi Vitamin Facial Mask
Tromborg Facial Mist Lavender Water
Isadora Build Up Mascara 01 Super Black
Kicks Eye Brightener Eyeliner

What are your September beauty favourites?


  1. I love how gorgeous and simple the packaging of the perfume is! x

  2. It looks gorgeous for decor :)Thanks for reading.