Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Sleeping Pattern Change

Getting up earlier in the morning really make days better. I've managed to forget about this. For a while my sleeping pattern has been quite unbalanced and I haven't got the full benefit of daytime, and daylight. 

Some things to get me motivated:

  • Photography. I really enjoy photographing on a sunny day. And cloudy days as well. On sunny days I prefer outdoor photography more. Indoors I like photographing blogging content. And I need to make benefit of daylight. 

  • Blogging. I love to write as well. My brain is most effective the first part of the day. I would like to go out more and blog about cafe visits and show photographs. Blogging has given some good effects on my condition. I have more energy and are more easily inspired. I enjoy reading blogs just as much as a good book. :)

  • Training. I'm thinking about swimming which is time to get started doing again. Walking is nice too, but swimming is always nice :) 

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