Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Museum Visit

 I love spending time in the Botanical Garden in Oslo. I thought now it was time to visit one of the museums there. It was not the biggest museum but pretty cool :) There are so many cool details to study that you could never go tired. This time I visited a Natural History Museum. Here I liked best seeing the fossiles and the big dinosaurs. I went there alone. I would like some company next time. Someone to admire all the art with :) This place is in Oslo City. And I would recommend coming here to the museums and the Botanical Garden which is huge, cozy and calming and with a most charming cafe :) There are always people in the garden and in the cafe. The museum had a calming atmosphere. And I can imagine that here are always most family visitors :) You could get very close to everything in the museum. All the areas had little and soft lightening. I would as a hobby photographer liked a little more lightning. ;)

 Have you been to museums lately?

I like seeing stones like this. There were types I had not seen before now. And they were incredible fascinating :) I like the ones loooking watery like or with intense colours and a soft almost pearly shine. 

I was a little dissapointed by the museum shop selection. But the museum experience is most important of course :)

So, would you like to visit the museum when you are in Oslo city? What do you find most fun about museums? To me it is all the diversity. 

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  1. When I go travelling, I also love visiting museums, there's just so much to learn in them. xx