Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Summer Saturday

We've had some pretty cloudy days lately and generally this summer has not been one of the best. Days were you can stay out in sun now and then without melting are the ones I like best. I hope we have more of them.

Today I decided to have a walk by the water and later visit a cafe. I ended up buying a wool sweater and a new book. I will still use summer styled clothes a lot ahead :) I considered maybe going to cinema but found I was to tired so I'll do that tomorrow :) This evening I've been reading non stop in.  I started reading in Defending Jacob by William Landay. I will read some more and perhaps see a movie. If I had more energy I would go for a new walk :) I love walking in summer weather. And during evenings the temperature is perfect. Also I would organize a little more my makeup stuff. Next week I receive a The Balm blush palette I can't wait to try! It might come handy on my next travels.

Have you had a nice summer day?