Saturday, June 4, 2016

Long Summer Day Makeup

Warm and sandy peach colors for makeup reminds me of warm nice weather, beach time in summer, traveling and exploring places. I guess the word sandy is not so pretty to use about makeup but I could not think of any other word. Last summer my favourite cheek palette was this one from Urban Decay. I found it again today and created a makeup look using these three colors with some other soft makeup. The pink Chanel lipstick, a pink Bourjois eyeshadow and my Maybelline mascara. A mascara I never go tired of. It gives a perfect curl to the lashes with silky black color :) The palette is perfect for warm long days with a hint of sun tan on the skin and a fruity color mix mainly with peach colors. I like that there is a bit of pink it the blush and highlighter. The contour color is beautiful for pale skin. I think it's a shame I've forgot about this palette but I think a summer season will make me use it a lot!

Some gems from Urban Decay, Bourjois, Maybelline and Chanel.

Do you like these products? And for which season? :)

Especially for summer I like the lipstick and palette. And the eyeshadow and mascara for all seasons. And I would not mind trying some similar products to these ones :)


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