Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Beauty Buys and Accessories

I found the loveliest watch here the other day. In elegant black design. It's simple and interesting. I wouldn't think all black would suit me but I love this! It's a little pricy but worth it. There were so many elegant watches in their collection. I fell for one in sea green, blue with brown leather too. I think this will be easiest for me to style. And one I wouldn't go tired of easily.

I seldom buy new necklaces so I thought it was nice to come across this one. Gorgeous silver shine and details. I can't wait to wear it :) And see if I find other pieces. I was drawn to the intensity of gold and silver colors in their collection. So many elegant pieces. I wanted something that wouldn't stand out to much and be easy enough to style with my current clothes and new ones.

Over to makeup. I picked up a new eye shadow and lipstick. Lipstick from Chanel .The packaging is so elegant and shine and color. I would wear this alone and over the Maybelline Minimalist lip color. It's a product I could see myself easily wear every day. It has a soft pink, subtle color that would work with different color choices on clothes and other makeup products.

Then eye shadow. I found one from cream shadow from Shiseido. This has a little red in it, which I usually stay away from. I have blue eyes so it is usually not my first choice of color. But this looks nice. I like the shine, texture and color combination it gives. It has a subtle shimmer and stays on for a good while. Application is easy and the finish is absolutely wonderful!


Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color Ombre PK 224
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 68 Candeur
Watch Skagen Denmark
Necklace Dyreberg/Kern Starfall SS Crystal

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