Monday, June 15, 2015

What I've Done This Weekend

Friday was not a good day. I was lacking energy and stayed home relaxing. Towards evening I got better and found a sketch book I picked up in London. I drew a couple drawings. The detailed sketches for two and finished one using dry pastel pencils which I love! :) They are super easy to work with and make less mess.  

Then Saturday I went shopping for some basic clothes. I found some nice pieces! And will definitely be going back to the store where I bought two beautiful sweathers! I went to a cafe later and stayed there for a while. At home I watched a television show and read blogs during the evening. I considered walking but was to fatigued.

Sunday. The best day of this weekend. I went to one of the museums here. Showing contemporary art. It was an interesting collection there I spent time studying. I will write some more about art soon. I finally found books about a norwegian artist I've been searching about. She's from a place close to where I've grown up. I found two books I will write some about this summer :) I've planned to read some art. I saw some really cool things at the museum shop and could easily bought all of them. But they're a little pricy though :) At home I continued watching my favorite television show which is now Dalziel & Pascoe. Then I've been writing on a couple blog posts and read others content.

Have you done something exciting this weekend?

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