Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Today I decided to explore a little in the city and walked through a long shopping street from Majorstua subway station to the National Theatre subway station. The first thing I did when I came to Majorstua was to find a cafe. I knew of a cozy and big place close called Expresso House and found bakery and a limonade that seemed tasty! It was a lot of people there. And actually I like places like that when there are fewer people. Then it is easier to appreciate the beautiful interior and decoration. 

I visited a couple shops on my walk and found some I did not think we had in the city. I knew there would be at least one Inglot shop in Oslo city and found one here. I spotted a pigmented eyeshadow in pink, white and gold that looked interesting and bought this one. The price of the makeup seems quite affordable. Tired from walking I decided to go straight home after ending up on Karl Johan street. It was rainy but luckily not too cold. And soon we will have warmer weather here :)

Back home I found my Asos order in the mail box. I'm testing a new treat from Bourjois. A cream primer to sit under my foundation. In my order were also cute socks for a bargain price! I think it is unicorns on the socks I'm wearing now.

I've made dinner, wrote a letter and then I have read in the novel Anna Karenina. 

I guess I might do some yoga this evening. And listen to radio theatre :) One of the Sherlock Holmes stories! 

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