Thursday, December 26, 2013


Soon we are entering a new year=) I would like to travel more and photograph a lot more! I love photo. It is like a magical bubble watching and taking beautiful photos. I love that feeling=)

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity for photographing, but also next year, I will explore more the city I live in, and places nearby, bringing my camera =) A place I have and will return to several times is a beautiful botanical garden in Oslo =) I would recommend visiting that place when traveling to Oslo :) 

I enjoy to write and read, planning to do so a lot more.
Some of my dream destinations are Israel, Montenegro, Egypt and New Zealand. 

2013 has been okay. But I feel more optimistic about 2014, hoping my feeling will be correct=)


  1. Also traveling broaden our outlook and it makes us a little bit better, yeas? I wish you to see many different places in future!

  2. Also maybe we will meet once in future :-)

  3. Yes I believe it does :) Perhaps we will meet in future :)