Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Friends' Ghost

Henry found himself in heavy pondering. His chair at the office, was usually not such a place for disturbing thoughts, not that any place were. His friend, whom he had trusted had betrayed him. And then, another betrayal, from another friend, had taken place.  It had even taken a life.

The butler placed two bottles on the small table, bowed and was about to leave the room when the policeman awakened from his heavy pondering. "Will you stay. We will need to ask you questions for the investigation". The butler nodded politely and left the room silently and hastily. George Brown scratched his chin thinking, what next? Alice Grey sat uncomfortably in her chair looking at the two bottles. Usually she would have shared with someone. 

"That will be all for today Miss Grey". Policeman George left the mansion. He had been questioning suspects.This was not a suicide. There were Miss Roberta Devon, the young teenager, a relative of the Grey family, Jack William Grey, son of Alice Grey, the lady of the house, and Alice Grey. George lightened a cigarette and recalled all the interviews up to this point. They flashed through his memory vividly. Mary Elizabeth Grey and her husband Evan George Grey had been questioned. And their daughter Sarah. George shivered and shook his head. No child should be a victim to such a tragedy. Scott william Grey had been found hanged in the boat house. Sarah, the poor child, had seen something strange, and told Alice. "He was drugged, but that's not all. From the wood there were marks of someone dragging a person through and up to the boathouse. Clearly this was a murder" Mark informed his colleagues. George had a creepy feeling. 

"I just can not believe that someone would do such a thing to poor Scottie", Roberta sighed. Alice sat in her chair still, not touching the two bottles. She would have shared one bottle with her one and only son. Roberta held on carefully to her teacup, sighing. Alice did not speak. She was confused, lonely, terrified and shocked. No matter how much she would try to understand, everything would still be a mess. No answer or at least, a clue would occur. He had not been depressed. Killed. She cried. Roberta went over to the window and stood there for a while. She thought about how Scott had been invited into the family, as a lost child, seeking refuge at the local orphanage. It was rather unusual she thought. The Grey family was not a typical good deeds family. And then, the old man, Henry Grey had given away a fortune to Scott on his last birthday. Perry, her friend and lover had told her all about it. Scott had become a rich man. That did not last very long. She lightened a cigarette, looked at Alice, and then down at the two bottles, only guessing what that was all about. Alice dried a few tears from her eyes with her blouse and ran out of the room in a hurry. Left was Roberta, pondering. 

"Now then. We should pay a visit to the other family members", Harris, Georges Partner listed up all the family members. George nodded. And we must question the butler as quick as possible. And we must not forget. Perry. He has been around lately, working. Besides roumors says he had recently become friends with Scott. Also he has a connection to Roberta. They are lovers". They got in the car, drove home after a long day of work. George hoped this case soon would be over.

Henry was still sitting in his office chair. The candle lights had begun to burn out, leaving the room in a heavier dark, just like his mind had turned. The fire had started slowly dying out in the fireplace, and the room would soon lie in complete darkness. Somewhere in all the pondering he would consider to look at his watch. He would have to make a phone call soon. Perhaps not this day, but then again. It was about a murder. He sighed heavily and felt a slowly growing pain inside of him. Two of the candles had stopped burning now. He would make up his decision soon. 

"Henry. Henry is that you?" Alice was nervous. Henry was nervous too, shaking. Yet he looked so calm where he was sitting in the dark. "Alice. Listen carefully. Everything is going to be alright". Alice bursted out in tears. "I wish you were here. I am mortified. Terrified. Please come". "Go to bed. It will all soon be over. I'll see you soon". He hung up. His fear turned around to anger. A anger growing as dark as the room had turned in the night, with only a few lights still burning. What would be the killers next step?

"Aah, so nice to see you. I heard about Henry. A migraine again. He is a tough man. Come in, will you". George looked at Harris. And Harris found it odd. The two of them had been working together for quite some time. They were smarter than how they appeared. Roberta took their coats off and hung them up, brushing off some dust on them. " It is good to have a solid support from loved ones", Harris remarked. Roberta smiled and her eyes shined brighter. "This way". She lead them to the living room where most of the questioning had taken place". "I'll fetch the butler". She disappeared, and a moment later the butler was ready to be questioned. He hesitated and sat down. "Mr. Jeffrey Long", is it. George wrote down the name. The butler was looking nervous and tired. 

George and Harris started the questioning. "Have you seen anything suspicious lately? Can you think of anyone bearing a grudge towards Scott? "No, no", the butler cried. "No one". "Are you certain about that? We understand this is uncomfortable, but it is standard procedure, George replied, giving him a pause. Jeffrey tried to get something out of his head. Two names popped up, but he did not see any immediate connection. "Is it right that Harris Grey, gave away a great deal of his fortune to Scott Grey"?
Jeffrey felt uneasy. More uneasy."Yes. That's right. But why would anyone kill Scott. It is not like anyone would benefit from it". "You tell us Mr. Jeffrey. Are you sure that no one would benefit from it". He got quiet again, getting his head more fixed and calmed down."Scott has always been a careful, quiet and cheerful guy. He never harmed a soul. Of course there was the typical rebel actions, but he had a very gentle soul, and was well spoken of by anyone who met him. He would always fit in everywhere, but he was not so good in one to one situations. He seemed more awkward and uncomfortable,like he was glad to leave at any moment. Harris jumped in."Whom was he uncomfortable with?"
Jeffrey got uneasy again, thinking. 

"Henry.You know something, don't you? Alice had turned into a nerve wrack on the phone. She knew her husband. Even though they had not been married for long, she often knew his inner thoughts". Henry got scared. "How dear you accuse me of something like that", he scouted."I knew it", she cried. "I've always known it. Whenever something has gone wrong. You can not hide it. Not from me".

"Perry Smith". A young, handsome bloke introduced himself to Harris and George. But soon his confident and laid-back attitude changed into something far different. He was revealed.

Henry sat in deep thoughts. So deep it gave him the craziest headaches, and he would shout anytime he heard a noise around him or outside his window. He thought about George, the policeman, whom had betrayed him, giving the impression of being a friendly voice. Someone that Henry could open up to. George had not even introduced himself as a man of the police. Such a scum. Henry was furious. All the things he had said about giving away money for a good cause, but at the same time revealing so much to a man that gave the appearance of looking straight through him. And then what. The police showed up, investigating shadowy economical business that Henry had quit a deal to do with. When he finally had decided to do something great, he would soon have the police on his doorstep. 

The butler had left a newspaper on his desk. The front page revealed his worst suspicion, he had been smart enough to calculate this. But to think that she would actually go through with it.

Roberta, his niece, arrested for murder. And Perry Smith for planning murder. She had always been an uncanny creature pissing people off, threatening them in disguised ways, giving the impression of actually caring for others, but making them as insecure, confused and annoyed as possible. She was betrayed. Scott, the lost child, got the prize, and now. Now he was dead. And then what?

George lightened a cigarette. Finally case closed.

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