Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Phantoms (movie), shopping, decoration, blogging, walking. I like lazy summer days. Soon, my book will be at my desk. Reading horror is not in my line. But seeing the movie, has changed my mind. The movie was wonderful and interesting. Especially because of wonderful performances from some of the actors. Where do I find more movies like this?

So. Shopping has payed off by making it more nice and cosy here. I want to decorate a lot more, but creativity and no budget can only take me so far. Also, money spent on makeup has been nice, but perhaps not so necessary. Admitting this unwillingly, I think about more decoration to shop. 

My longing for some change, started with reading lifestyle blogs. This has really boosted my creativity on lazy summer days. 

My days evolve around swimming, relaxing, blogging, walking and watching movies. When my book arrives, it will also be reading.

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