Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Reading

I love reading and Christmas time is no exception. This year I've found some old classics from my favourite author, Agatha Christie. And then I also picked up the first Harry Potter book. I've been reading for a while in the latter, and I think I may have found a new favourite author. Also I'm about to finish the first Lord of the Rings book and have borrowed number two. So there will be plenty to read :) Usually I read non stop during these days. And finish a couple books in the process. Agatha Christie books have been frequently read during holidays. I found four books. I'm reading all of them in Norwegian. It is especially important for me to do so in my choice of older books where the language tend to be more difficult. I also like to see the movies from these books. Usually every Christmas. Since I don't have access to television I've borrowed some of the movies, and will spend a bigger amount of time reading. I wonder what to start on after finishing. Perhaps another book from Agatha Christie :) 

What will you be reading this Christmas? Do you have some classics you favor? 

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