Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Reading 

Holidays are the perfect time to read. So if you are into reading, you should not make an excuse for not picking up a book or two. Some though have to work and can't enjoy as much free time as the rest of us. To you guys I've thought about a couple tips that might convince you to pick up those books.

Find books that you already have some knowledge and curiosity about
Don't pick up the heaviest book if you have limited time for reading.

Borrow a collection of short stories or essays. In that way, you have time to read small pieces of text in a short time and pick out the ones seeming most interesting to you.

Read through christmas songs or poems. Those are also short texts that can tell a lot and inspire.

If you have the opportunity, read while traveling. 

I wish you a good reading time! :)

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