Sunday, January 4, 2015

Forgotten Favorites

Some items are stored away before used. And some get boring stored away. These items will be brought back to use. The notepad was a gift from one of my pen-pals. And I found it to pretty to use. It will not end up in the drawer again. I use it sometimes and for now it will decorate my desk. As long as possible. Did you read this Olga? Now you know what I wish for my birthday :)

I bought this lipstick on my holiday in Wales. Looking for some new beauty products I came across one from Natural Collection. It is many year ago now, but I still have some left :) I used it quite a lot. It turns into a light, almost natural looking pink color. I've been looking for a pink lipstick so I'm glad I found this.

Over to another favorite. This bracelet was one of the few things I bought in Italy. For years it was my favorite bracelet. At some point it got away among other things and I haven't really been missing it. It comes across brown colored in this photo. It has a coral orange nuance. And it is one of my few orange colored accessories. It's pretty cool and elegant at the same time. So is the star necklace :) I can not understand how I could forget about that one. :)

Do you have some forgotten favorites?

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