Friday, March 20, 2015

Mindfulness Through Drawing

 I bought an interesting book about mindfulness and coloring drawings. I've always connected mindfulness to meditation where the focus is on breathing techniques. I love this idea of focusing your mind. I've looked at different books of this kind and found one that was appealing to me. I love the circles and lines. And the flowers. There are so many unique and interesting patterns in these books.
So far I've found that this is doing wonders for me. I love spending time coloring. 

Aren't these beautiful ? :)
Would you have it a go?


  1. Interesting! Working with curriculums for children in the churches we've found that art and drawing can be a process of prayer for children, and for grown-ups to, I think. And I think using our creativity can connect us to our inner self, and also to the greater and divine spirituality behind. Here are some resources on children and spirituality, and i recommend the one on children and creativity: