Sunday, April 5, 2015

Quiet Sundays

Sundays have an extra layer of silence. The streets are quieter, the flat is quieter. The building. I quite like that. Usually Sundays would be boring. I like listening to the silence and look at the blue sky thinking about blog posts to write and blog posts to read. And what other creative things to do. I rest a lot and sometimes go for a walk. I like walking in quiet areas. Sometimes I watch a movie and read. Yesterday I picked up a new book. A funny and charming crime book. The story is set in the city I live.  When I read it I'm thinking about which other Norwegian fiction books I would like to read. It's nice to read descriptions of places and traditions connected to the place. And how people behave. 

Today I've been writing some more on my book. And organized tomorrows writing. I will probably go for a walk and read as well.  I'll try not to forget my camera :)

Hope you have a nice Sunday!

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