Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things That Remind me of the 90s

- Drawing in the weekend

- Certain colors. Dusty Pink, Dark purple, light blue, bright yellow.

- Seeing my cousin's wardrobe items. She's all about secondhand :) 

- Coming into homes overloaded with items and wood furniture

- Those flat round lollipops with faces on

- Documentaries about the universe

- Stickers. I remember stickers where a huge trend when I grew up :) 

- Marbles. Also very popular when I was a kid! :) This was probably my favorite thing to collect.

- Flower patterns

The colors. Flowers :)

My friend Maiken just reminded me of the colorful erasers :) 
I love this picture! 

Stickers! :) Maiken's photo.

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