Friday, July 3, 2015

Makeup I'm Loving

Products in this picture.  Essie Spin the bottle nail polish, Hubby for Dessert nail polish, Essie. Max Factor Savage Rose, Isadora Eyephoria 09 Amethystic, Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color PK 224, Lancome Shine Lover lipstick and Bourjois Intense Extrait 03 eye shadow.

I've been more drawn to eye shadows and worn it more lately. I love the color, shimmer and texture of these beautiful shades. Especially the purple is a huge favourite. It is so beautiful. It's very pigmented but easy to build up. It's a dreamy color with great finish. I bought this thinking it would be one of my most worn eye shadows this summer.

Another colourful favourite is my pink Bourjois eye shadow. I forgot this for a little while, thinking I would need more tanning, but it looks great. I've changed my mind and have put this into the group of my summer makeup. This is also highly pigmented and comes off with great finish. It applies evenly and comes with a small mirror. The pink shimmer is so elegant and looks a little frosty jet warm. With strong colors on the eyes I usually skip rouge. This looks nice with a matte foundation.

Then a favorite I've had for some time. A gorgeous champagne nuance from Max Factor. This is a affordable product from a great brand. It applies so easy, is great to build up in color and has a gorgeous finish. This to has shimmer but more subtle then the others. It's a versatile color to wear and a little goes a long way.

My newest eye shadow is an interesting red, sandy gold shimmer color. I've usually avoided red nuances on eyes but this with some champagne color looks wonderful. The texture is really impressing. As a cream shadow it is so easy to work with. It feels soft and I love how long it stays. I also like the beautiful design. Shiseido is a new brand to me but I would love to try more products as this really impressed me!

That was eye shadows :) If you know about similar shades then let me know :)

I've grow more and more found of nail polishes and this spring and summer I've found and worn it more then before. One label that's gotten more attention from me is Essie. I currently own three nail polishes from Essie. I'm usually not found of the intense, poppy colors but there are some other great picks. Two that have made it to my favourite wear are Essie Spin the bottle and Hubby for Dessert. I can not describe how lovely these are. The lilac is a fun, bubble pastel color that cheers me up just looking at it. The other is a warm sandy color with a hint of glow and matte finish. I've been wearing mainly the color Spin the Bottle. It is so versatile. But the other one is great too!

Lipstick. A frequently worn makeup product still this summer I've been hesitating to use the different colors I own. There has been one I've focused on. A recent find from Lancome that I picked up. It was the first product I spotted and I'm glad I did. This is a so versatile shade with strong color jet a subtle look. The finish is beautiful and design too. I don't know how to describe this pink color. Hopefully photo shows better. It looks so elegant jet it could go great with a casual outfit which I love. It hasn't impressed me with it's staying power but everything else is good.

What products do you wear at the moment?
I would love to know :)

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