Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Haul

Recently I went on a shopping trip looking for some clothes and makeup. I had this gorgeous YSL bb cream on my wish list. And ended up buying some other products as well. A tinted lip balm I think will be a favorite, a fragrance and some colorful blushes. Color wise and considering finish the tinted lip balm looks beautiful, but I'm not sure about the moist being good. It's definitely an elegant product. The fragrance is sweet and refreshing. Maybe a little to sweet but I know I will like it better. The bb cream I picked up is beautiful matte with a soft hint of glow. I love the finish. I went with the lightest shade of three, Clear. It suits my pale skin well. The coverage is good. Then the packaging itself scream elegance :) 

I found a pretty handbag in black leather on Zara. Size wise it is pretty nice and the quality seems good! I like the fact that I have space here for a book and maybe a diary. Black is definitely my favorite color on handbags. I love the shape and small subtle details. I picked up two pair of jeans on Zara. They are very comfortable, cool and budget friendly. I've never been a fan of ripped jeans until I came across the perfect jeans this time. Later this shopping trip I bought one shirt and a blouse I hope the weather will allow me to use outdoors. I bought one denim and an elegant, white patterned blouse. They are pretty gorgeous :)


Wearing YSL Top Secrets All- In- One bb cream shade Clear.


  1. beautiful haul ! I would love to try the YSL :)

  2. It is lovely and makes skin look better :)