Friday, October 30, 2015

Writing Day

I've been working on my second short story in a small collection. This has same topic as the one I briefly mentioned in a post recently. I wish I would have spent more time writing. I've been active blogging but fiction is not something I should forget. :) I was not quite sure how to spend this Friday. Cinema seemed tempting. Shopping even more. And a cafe visit. I'm trying to save money and writing seemed more tempting then drawing today. Since I don't want to write about the actual story I'll tell the characters names. Tone, Mari and Roberta are sentral in this short story. They are all friends. Two of them live the same place as neighbours and the third are on visit when things goes terribly wrong. One time, two times and then a third time. And more? 

I hope to finish this short story by the end of this day or tomorrow. Then plan new short stories :) 
If you like to write, what do you prefer writing? Blog posts, short stories, poems, essays? :)

I hope you have a nice Friday and a nice reading time! 

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