Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Current Diary and Desk Items

It's just started to get darker earlier outside and my desk have been incredibly messy. Yesterday and today I've been cleaning and redecorating. New purchases will be white items and see through. This time I've decorated my desk with a messier look but still open and with colors. Though I notice I'm more attracted to white items. Like snow colored ones. These items were the last I picked up. A vase, stone star and white candle holder. Then this shiny thing for flower bouquets. Also new are my box with all seasons of The Mentalist. It's an interesting show with good acting. 

I always write. I've chosen this owl diary I picked up at Victoria & Albert museum while I was in London. The design is from an old wall cover. Looks pretty doesn't it? Owls are cute for decoration and green color nuances are super comfy. The diary cover has a hard surface and does not easily scratch. So I use this for travels as well. Inside it's lined with a soft yellow white paper. And the size is pretty nice.

What decor do you like?

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