Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Beauty Medley

I've seen many bloggers already writing about Christmas things. Like in November. I found some beauty products I'll share with you for this December month. One here is a new little treat up in the corner of the photo. A soft, light powder from a Korean brand called Skinfood. I like it very much for everyday wear! And will show it better in a Todays Makeup post very soon! I needed some shimmer and picked my Shiseido eyeshadow. It's a lovely champagne gold and red color! For a cream eyeshadow it is very elegant and easy to apply for an even look. Pretty much everyday I've used a this highlighter which is the cute round box up to the left. Then I've added some neglected products. The two lip colors in orange and pink. They are gorgeous and maybe my most versatile lip products. The lipstick is a subtle color easy to layer with pink lipsticks for an interesting and wearable look. The fragrance is a little light and heavy at the same time. Which I like very much! And the bottle is in such a gorgeous color and shape! :)

I guess I would go for something red as well. And that pick would probably be a shimmery blush. I'll post it in another blog post. :)

Some of the products I've been wearing lately. The Chanel lipstick is one of my new favourites.
And the Dior gold cream eyeshadow look gorgeous with subtle pink eyeshadows. 

Which products will you focus on this December?

 Do you have any recommendations? :)

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