Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thriller Movie Reccomendation. Insomnia

I recently watched the movie Insomnia (2002 version). It's a pretty
 good movie. I was interested in reading the book. I already read other books by the same author. So I saw the movie. It is about a detective troubled with bad concious while investigating a murder. While the detective  search for a killer, this killer plays a game with him. A game that invloves meetings with just the two of them and phone calls from the killer.

 The detective's partner is killed early in the investigaion. And the killer blames the detective for that after seeing the situation. Things become very intense. The main characters struggle with lack of sleep which makes things harder. 

There were some very interesting scenes in the movie. Scenes that creates strong images in my head about the characters. Visually the movie is simple and beautiful. The locations were nice too creating a special atmosphere.

All the actors play their role convincing.  I noticed some small  roles were played very well! The girlfriend and boyfriend of the dead girl. Al Pacino plays the main character. Robin Williams the killer and Hilary Swank a local detective.

What do you think about this movie? :)

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