Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Feel - Good Haul

I did some shopping recently. A notebook, a sweather, an eyeashadow and a sunglasses case were the few things that came home with me. I've decided to wear more colors and the stores are full of them. Red, green and yellow are my favorite ones. I went to Weekday to find the perfect basic sweather in one of those colors. I choose this with its interesting shape, fresh color and comfortable fabric.  Now the days are a bit warmer so sweathers like these are a good option. 

My second best find was this notebook. I like how the pattern on the outside matches the pattern on the inside. Anyone who likes cartoons can make the notebook into that. I'll fill mine with quotes and blog post ideas. I can not remember seeing anything like this. It's so cool.

The third best find was a Mac eyeshadow. My first Mac eyeshadow actually. It's impossible not to notice this brand in beauty shops because of the big selection of fresh colors. This one is called Pink Venus and is a nice everyday color. 

The last thing I bought was a sunglasses case. I liked the design and color a lot. Simple and pretty. This I found at TGR. The same store I found the notebook in.

Do you have  new favorite things from a haul lately?

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