Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Top Favorite Lipstick

Makeup Store in color Cherub

The lipsticks I've loved the most have a color that stand out. Usually a soft pastel color. I like it natural. This one is my current favorite. A pink harmonious color easy to wear. It looks natural using a small amount but with a big amount neon.

 The creamy texture is pretty nice. And easy to apply on cheeks. I thought it would feel sticky on  but seeing a girl talking about multi use and that beeing a trend I thought why not try. And It is practical too.

 I feel very comfortable wearing this because it is the prettiest pink lipstick I've tried. I like it to be a focus in my makeup toghether with a black liquid eyeliner on my eyes. Let me know if you have tips for similar lipstick! 

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