Saturday, September 8, 2018

Reading Now. Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie

Today I began reading another Agatha Christie classic. This one is the "Evil Under the Sun". I read it ten years or so and it does feel quite like a new book to read. I remmeber it was good and reading  half in one day I agree. A lot of it is actually conversations so far. I imagine the rest continues like that.

The detective Hercule Poirot has a holiday on a pretty island when one of the hotel guests is found killed on a beach. The victim was unpopular among hotel guests. Early in the story they talk about how unlikely it is that any murder would happen on such a pretty island. They excpected something bad would happen for anyone there who spent time with the unpopular guest though. Hercule Poirot senses death around the corner. Jealousy seems to be the motive. The body was found by one of the persons who could have done it. A man they all feared would have an affair with the woman and thereby destroy his own marriage.

There is an interesting mix of personalities and a sort of friendly atmosphere thought tense among some. Overall I find it to be an interesting story. And easy reading. If you like the sound it go ahead and read!