Sunday, October 28, 2018

New Beauty Favorites

Makeup Mekka Prep Spray. This primer spray is making my skin happy. It gives the skin glow, makes it calm and nourished. It does it so well. I'm keeping my makeup on with this easily. The scent of flowers is nice too. It reminds me of my favorite face spray by Elizabeth Arden.

Skin Treat Deep-Hydrating Hand Cream. The hand cream from Skin Treat is the first product I've tried from this brand. And it is my new favorite hand cream. Now that it is cold outside a product like this is a daily must have. And how nice is smells. As well as beeing good nourishment it is skin clarifying. So hands look prettier too. Good bye dry hands!


  1. These are both new items to me. Thank you for sharing x


  2. The primer spray seems to be worthtrying... I've never had a primer in spray!

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