Sunday, October 14, 2018

Thriller Movie Recommendation. Secret Window (2004)

I hope you have had a nice weekend. It has been a pretty okay weekend for me. I've had a nice energy level. One of the things I did was to watch movies. I decided to see again a movie I've enjoyed a couple times before. Secret Window. I actually liked it better this time.

Author Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) gets a visit by a stranger (John Turturro) that claims a story of his has been stolen by Mort. The stranger gives him a bit of time to prove he has not stolen it. Mort experience the stranger becoming dangerous. One day his dog has been stabbed to death. Threats are spoken about damaging people the author cares about. At the same time the authors wife (Maria Bello) have these notions that something bad will happen to Mort. So she calls him again and again.

The intensity of the acting and story developing was nice. I felt dragged into the movie universe fast. I've seen this movie a couple timese before. And will see it again. The movie is based upon Stephen King's story "Secret Window, Secret Garden". Have you read it?

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