Monday, April 22, 2019

Best Beauty Find this Spring?

Youstar "Highlight Me"

Recently when I was in Kiel I did some shopping. I bought makeup. I wanted to buy makeup by brands I've not tried before. One of the products I bought was this highlighter. Two words that pop up in my mind when I want to describe it is: Gorgeous and interesting. I did not try it on first. But when I got home and then I knew this was the best find. 

I think my best beauty find so far this spring is the highlighter. It is without color but does so much to my makeup. It feels and looks like silk. 

The design is a treat too. It comes with a mirror inside and a tool for application. I will probably  prefer brushes for powder highlighters. This seems staple worthy. It is probably a product that will be in my beauty bag for a long time. One of those products I'll reach for when in doubt about what makeup to use.

What has been your favorite product so far this spring? 

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