Monday, July 22, 2019

Feel-Good Beauty Products

Sanctuary Spa Instant Illuminating Beauty Balm

When I want a touch of glow fast this product is great! I apply it before my foundation and the glow shines thorugh. The cream is light and fresh with a soft scent I want more of. When I thought about making this blogpost recently this product first popped up in my mind.

Clean Warm Cotton edp

I've had this fragrance on my wish list for a long time. A small bottle is expensive but the scent is dreamy and relaxing! It is the most comfortable fragrance I've come across. I tend to like the scent of cotton generally. I sometimes spray it on my bed before going to sleep.

Makeup Mekka Strobe Blush. Color Divine

The blush has been my favorite blush so far this summer. Because of the warm and soft orange color with glow. Sometimes in the light it looks pink too. And I like that. But the orange color is my favorite! It makes my skin look healthier and me more awake.

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