Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Reading Now. The Woman in Cabin 10

A book I've been reading lately is "The Woman in Cabin 10" (2016) by Ruth Ware. It is a fiction story. I've just began reading part six of eight. Now things seem to be happening!

 The main charater is a journalist who is on a cruise ship with a group of other journalists. On board one night something scares her. There was a sound of something that could have been a body thrown overboard. And she is certain that she has seen blood.

 She feels her story is not taken seriously when she share it. But then get some help. From an earlier boyfriend who's there. He also makes things complicated.

From cabin 10 where she believes the aweful thing happened she has a memory of a blonde woman staying. But no one has knowledge about this woman beeing there. In fact she's told that cabin 10 is empty.

Someone leaves a warning to the journalist. And the journalist goes missing.

I like that the main character is brave and alone. That the group of journalist in many ways act the same and she's an underdog and outsider. 

I like this book but feel the story developement has been slow. I am more interested in the story now.

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