Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Airport Haul. L:A Bruket

The haul: L:A Bruket Lip Balm Almond/Coconut and L:A Bruket Hand Cream Bergamot/Patchouli

I was in airports a while ago and hoped to find L:A Bruket cosmetics. It seems like an interesting brand. I wanted to buy again one of their hand creams and try something else. I decided to buy a lip balm.

The size is good. The design is pretty! The lip balm seems some days good and other okay when it comes to moisture. The hand cream is one of my favorite skin care products. It smells so good!! The scent i so calming and uplifting. I love it! The moisture level is pretty good.

The packaging however on the hand cream can be damaged. The surface seems hard but can break some places and cream leak.

The lip balm has some scent. I would like it better if it had a calming scent like the hand cream. I will probably buy the lip balm again and the hand cream for sure!

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