Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Sunday Walk

It has been a week since the last time and already enough time to forget the well-being of a walk outdoors. Walking by the motorway is just not the same as walking by the sea or in the woods. 
If you've done the same, you know what I mean =)
However I find the shorter walks the best. As long as energy is reduced. Otherwise a memory of a trip is also reduced, don't you think?

I will go for these walks more often :) What about you?


  1. I like walks which take a few hours, but as I dont have much time by the reason of study and work, I often go to the parks in my district or short time (there are 4 not big parks near me)

  2. Where do you go for your longer walks?:)

  3. I may for hours walk in old town, or set off to big city parks, or just take a bus to random station and than walk there.