Saturday, May 16, 2015

London Holiday

Arrival Day

I arrived Saturday and jumped on the Gatwick Express Train to Victoria Underground. Journey by train is peaceful and gives time to reflect and study the place your traveling through and to. I snapped some photographs. This very early on the trip. I love green fields. 

A while later I arrived in Kensingthon and there expected to be to tired to do anything. Soon I found a street with cafes and stores where I ended up in a store selling cosmetics and later a small restaurant making chineese food. The food was delicious. 

I also did some shopping at the airport. Some stuff from Saturday shopping. I ended up reading some back at the hotel and watching television. Then planning the next day. 

Second Day

This day I started with a visit to Albert & Victoria Museum. And this visit was the highlight of the day.
I loved walking around taking pictures and shopping at the different museum stores. I found a lot of stationery. 

Some of the notebooks :) 

Beautiful cafe area :) 

Other Days

Other days I went shopping, visiting cafes and more museums which I've already done some posts on :)
I loved the shopping but my best memories were from the museums. And also market places. I liked the atmosphere there, the sunny streets, cafes and friendly people. The weather was quite nice all days. I usually went to places without a jacket. Getting around was easy :) 

Pictures above are taken at Notting hill, Oxford Circus, Cafe bar and a restaurant, Somerset House, hotel room and London Transport Museum. And this closest to text outside the museum and next to one of the London markets where I picked up a book :)

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