Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Favorites

During my vacation in London I found some beautiful new products. Some from brands new to me. One, & Other Stories was one I've just discovered from a blog. Especially a fragrance there got my attention and I picked it up at Oxford Circus. I really liked the silver pocket mirror and the Punk Bouquet fragrance! :) It is still growing on me, the fragrance! :) It has a lovely scent. Bourjois was another brand I came across where I quickly spotted this lovely pink eye shadow. It is my favorite of all shades I have. At Boots where I spent a lot of money I found this black eyeliner and pink, glossy nail polish from Loreal. Eyeliner is from Rimmel. I like both very much! I can not wait to wear this nail polish. I also picked up many other things that I think will become favorites very soon :) My top favorites here are the fragrance and the eyeshadow. I love the shimmery, pink color and Vanilla scent.

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