Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some London Highlights

Markets :) I picked up an Agatha Christie book here I've come half way in :) In this market there were mainly jewelries for sale. I liked walking around taking photos. I like the market atmosphere. All the old things and friendly faces. This market was right next to the Transport Museum which I also visited.

During my last day in London I found my way to Borough market. It was a charming place with food at every corner. I bought one of the drinks I believe will become a favorite this summer, ice tea. I was tempted to buy the Turkish delight too, but decided to wait for another occation. 

Some cool umbrellas hanging over a cafe area.

The charming streets and atmosphere was really a highlight :) Another from my last day was walking by the river Thames in sunlight. Here on the other side of Tate Modern and Borough Market.

The best thing about my last day was visiting Natural History Museum. And especially the butterfly garden. A small tent with large butterflies everywhere staying just long enough at one place to photograph them. I got some really cool photos which I will show in a blog post :) 

During my London stay I visited Somerset House twice. Both days were sunny with a nice atmosphere. First day. A glass of wine and some reflections upon my latest shopping and photographs.

& Other Stories. One of the brands I came across in London :) I had seen many cool things from this brand at a blog I follow. I found some gemstones here. I will write about shopping highlights soon. Some of the things I found. A lovely, sweet fragrance and a cool, elegant pocket mirror!

Friends reading and discussing over a glass of wine at Somerset House.

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