Friday, September 4, 2015

Autumn Read

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
Arthur Conan Doyle

 I'm reading classics this autumn. More precisely crime stories. When I visited The Sherlock Holmes museum in London I had to pick up a book. The place was filled with all kinds of things and details. And the colourful red books (picture above). This contains seven stories. It is fun and interesting to read. Stories are so strange I can't get bored reading them. The characters are well described without giving to much or little information. The focus is put on the main character Sherlock Holmes a detective solving mysteries. Sherlock Holmes is accompanied by a personal friend Dr. Watson. How many times he appears I'm not sure. They work well together complementing their difference in personality. I sometimes feel attention could be more drawn at a situation, expecting more emotional descriptions of characters. I think the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is a highlight. So is the atmosphere. I love how well written it is.

Stories here:

A Scandal in Bohemia

The Red- Headed League

The Five Orange Pips

The Blue Carbuncle

The Speckled Band

The Beryl Coronet

The Hound of The Baskervilles

Have you read Sherlock Holmes stories? :)


  1. Ou, good choice! Mysteries aren't typically my thing, but Sherlock Holmes is one of the few exceptions! I've read a few in this book - The Red-Headed League, and A Scandal in Bohemia - as well as a few others. My sister gave me an anthology of all of the Holmes stories a few years ago and I kind of pick my way through a few once in awhile :)